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Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker marked into law another bill that made various significant changes to the Massachusetts Criminal Justice System. The Attorneys at the Boston ma criminal lawyer gave close consideration so as to best serve our customers.


A portion of these progressions identify with robbery and burglary offenses. In the event that you are accused of a burglary offense, contact an accomplished criminal lawyer in Boston MA safeguard lawyer in Massachusetts.


New Threshold Amounts for Felonies. The most huge change in the new law identifies with the dollar sums that are required for a burglary offense to be a crime allegation. Before, when the estimation of the taken property surpassed $250, the robbery wrongdoing was sorted as a crime.


Under the new law, the estimation of the property must surpass $1,200 for a robbery accusation to be viewed as a crime. Essentially, the limit sum for a charge of receipt of taken property to be a lawful offense has additionally expanded from $250 to $1,200.


Accused or charged with criminal offenses? The best thing to do is lawyer up with Dallas Criminal Lawyer. We represent anyone accused of or charged with criminal offenses in Dallas and surrounding areas.

Dallas Criminal Lawyers have existed in Dallas, Texas for a long time. We are a law firm dedicated to representing clients in the court of law to defend themselves from criminal offenses charged against them. We are very well aware of the rights of the criminally accused and what entails fighting for it especially how it would affect their lives and of their families.

Criminal Lawyer Dallas TX

We work hard to make sure that the charges filed against you would be either dismissed or have your sentence reduced. Our lawyers do not simply fold; we believe that to be successful in the process, we need to exert effort into the case by challenging prosecutors and negotiating with them while we build a strong defense for the trial. With our years of experience in the field, we are sure to know what to do for your case and to successfully win it.

During our long years of service to the people of Dallas, we have handled hundreds of cases and have appealed criminal cases for both state and federal courts in Texas. Our lawyers are known and respected among their peers, state and federal prosecutors, as well as judges. Dallas Criminal Lawyer has a sufficient amount of experience when it comes to criminal defense, earning them a reputation in the community as the best people to consult with when facing such situations having handled various criminal cases over the years.

Our office, as well as our phone lines, are always open and available for those who seek our help.

Criminal Lawyer Dallas TX

What to Expect from your Criminal Lawyers

More often than not, our clients come to us when an arrest has been made and an arraignment is in place as you are summoned to appear in court. Once you enter court, you will be given the charges that were placed upon you. When this happens, the court will give you various options depending on the severity of your case. One thing you need to remember is once you are arraigned, it would go permanently on your criminal record. Our role is to make sure that you get the defense you need before arraignment by arguing for bail. The court may consider different factors in deciding whether or not to allow you to bail, including the nature of the crime, previous records, your employment status, family background, and other information.

If you are allowed by the court to bail, they may release you given that you come back to court for your personal recognizance. Your case will also start to move to the criminal court process. Dallas Criminal Laywer will begin to strategize a way for you to get through your case successfully. We need to cooperate together for us to be able to evaluate your options and see the most probable step to take.

No matter what the situation is, trust that Dallas Criminal Lawyer will be there to fight for you. The law is there for us to abide and justice favors those who seek it. Trust in the legal process and we will get through it together.

Criminal Lawyer Dallas TX

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

Good lawyers are lawyers with a lot of experience handling criminal defense cases. Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney surely has great lawyers in their roster.

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Criminal Lawyer Dallas TX

Criminal Lawyer in Dallas Texas

Be defended by the best in the state; Criminal Lawyer Dallas, Texas has all the experience needed to defend against criminal cases.

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Criminal Lawyer Dallas TX

Criminal Lawyer in Dallas Texas

When you need a lawyer, you can always rely on Criminal Lawyer in Dallas, Texas for your criminal offense charges.

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Bernadette K.

“I thought this case would go permanently in my record but thanks to Dallas Criminal Lawyer, my case got dismissed before I could even get into a trial.”

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Grant A.

“It was easy to contact them and I didn’t have any difficulties lawyering up. I’m glad I did. They managed to quickly help me with my arraigns.”

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Florence G.

“They really helped me with my criminal charges, I had no idea what to do until a friend led me to them. What followed is history. They are the best in Dallas, as they say. They were able to dismiss the case I was wrongfully accused of. I’m forever grateful for that”


legal services

Sex Crimes

If you are accused of being a sex offender, it is important to lawyer up as soon as possible. Let us help you clear your criminal charges regarding sex crimes.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes should not be taken lightly as they have serious consequences once you are charged with one. Our lawyers have the ability to help you out of this situation.

Violent Crimes

Our lawyers have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to violent crime charges. We do our best to save you from harsh legal punishments.

Federal Charges

Breaking federal law is already bad news as it is. We are licensed to defend you in federal court, armed with the federal cases we have handled for years.

Felont Charges

Our team of lawyers can also assist you with fixing up felony charges which are worse than a misdemeanor charge.

White Collar Crime

Our lawyers are geared to defend you from your white-collar crime charges be it in a state or federal court.


Dallas Criminal Lawyer can help you fight your charges when you are accused of a DUI offense depending on the extent of the damages done while you are DUI.

Domestic Violence

If you are accused of domestic violence, it is possible to be charged with assault and battery. Our lawyers can defend your case and possibly dismiss it with your cooperation.




We focus on solving the problem as quickly as possible to avoid aggravating sentences and to ensure the clients’ freedom. Our dedication to our clients is what pushes us to go far and beyond in our legal services.



Our legal experience is what keeps us in the game. The experience we have gained through the years helps us gather evidences to solve cases easily.



As much as we can, we do our best to bring out the best results possible by all means. We see the importance of each case to our client and so we make sure that these cases are handled properly.



Our lawyers are all board-certified, licensed, and have vast experience in the field of legal counseling. Our professional lawyers are what makes up the A-team of Dallas Criminal Lawyer

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a criminal lawyer cost in Dallas?

If charged with a criminal case, hiring a lawyer is the first thing that should be done to be able to seek legal advice and represent you as well. But how much does a criminal lawyer cost in Dallas? Typically, criminal defense lawyers charged at an hourly rate and this would cost $150 to $170 an hour. In an hourly rate structure, it is not uncommon that total legal fees would range quickly to $10,000 to $15,000. Some lawyers will ask for a retainer fee.

How much does it cost to talk to a lawyer in Dallas?

Seeking legal advice may require a fee and how much does it cost to talk to a lawyer in Dallas? Some law firms provide the initial consultation for free. There is no certain rate but they provide a discounted fee and this can cost $50 to $100 for the first hour.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer in Dallas?

As a client, you would like to know how much does it cost to hire a lawyer in Dallas? Usually, lawyers would charge from $50 to $1000 and up per hour. Before hiring a lawyer, it is important to talk first with regard to the fee schedules, flat rate versus hourly rate, retainer versus contingency fee, and a ballpark estimate of the total cost based on the handled case.

How much do lawyers charge per hour in Dallas?

You usually ask how much do lawyers charge per hour in Dallas? Generally, they charge at an hourly rate. This can range from $100 and $400 and this depends on some factors such as the experience of the lawyer and the type of case. For small-town or lawyers in practice charges $100 to $200 per hour but for metropolitan or experienced lawyers has a different rate and this ranges from $200 to $400 per hour.

How much is a divorce attorney in Dallas?

When it is the time that you have reached the endpoint of your marriage, filing for divorce has a lot of things and fees to consider. The first question would ask is how much is a divorce attorney fee in Dallas? On average, divorce lawyers would cost $250 per hour and you could spend $15,000 in total.

How much does a DUI lawyer cost in Dallas?

DUI or Driving Under the Influence, each state has its own version of DUI law. If you are facing such a case, you would need to have legal representation but how much does a DUI lawyer cost in Dallas? On average, it will cost you $1,900 and other fees average $4,000. The total DUI case costs between $5,000 to $8,000. Attorney’s fee would depend if you have accepted the plea or taken the case to trial. Their different corresponding fees, if accepted the plea the DUI lawyers would charge $700 to $1,500 and if it is taken to trial, this will cost $1,500 to $4,000.

How much does a lawyer cost in Dallas?

When hiring a lawyer, you may want to know first how much does a lawyer cost in Dallas? Lawyers would usually charge at an hourly rate. This can range between $100 and $400 depending on their experience and the type of case.


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